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  • To work for the protection of rights of women, children, people who are poor, ignorant or in socially/economically disadvantaged position.

  • To work for the enforcement of basic human rights of weaker sections of the community who are downtrodden, ignorant and who's fundamental and constitutional rights have been infringed.

  • To establish, maintain and run Schools, Colleges, Social service centers, Industrial Training centre.

  • To establish, Training Centre, and allied education institutions.

  • To establish, Cultural, and Social Institutions,

  • To establish research and training centers for the furtherance of education/learning in it’s various fields and branches.

  • To spread knowledge about Yoga, spirituality and religion among the people without discrimination of caste, creed or sex

  • To confer title on eminent personality in the field of science, education, spiritual, literature, etc.

  • To work in the field of health for benefit of children, women, adults and person economically disadvantaged children and adults' by using special education techniques, recreational activities, vocational training, guidance and counseling etc. in all possible manners.

  • To establish shelter house, clinic, hospital and dispensary for poor, children, disabled and animals.