Blood Bank Technician


Blood Bank Technician in the Healthcare Industry is also known as a phlebotomy technician and Blood Bank Laboratory technician.



Blood Bank Technicians work in a lab to collect, label and store blood. The blood bank technicians test samples to screen potential donors, store blood, draws and maintain documentation and records. They make patients comfortable during the procedure and monitor their vital signs. They also check compatibility blood before issuing it out for transfusion.



This job requires the individual to work in collaboration with medical laboratory technologist and other members of the healthcare team and deliver the healthcare services as directed. The individual should be result oriented. The individual should also be able to demonstrate clinical skills, communication skills and ethical behaviour. Individuals must always perform their duties in a calm, reassuring and efficient manner.

  • Identify his roles & responsibilities different from various other Laboratory personnel
  • Test for blood group antigens, compatibility and antibody identification
  • Investigate abnormalities such as hemolytic diseases of the newborn, hemolytic anemias and adverse reactions to transfusion
  • Perform blood collection and processing, including selecting donors, collecting blood, typing blood and molecular testing
  • Perform viral marker testing to ensure patient safety
  • Check blood for any viral/bacterial infections
  • Record and select the correct medicines for dispensing
  • Be cautious of transfusion- transmission infections
  • Follow strict aseptic techniques during execution of the process
  • Follow hospital protocals for safety of self and the blood products
  • Store donated blood effectively
  • Check compatibility of blood
  • Practice infection control measures
  • MDemonstrate techniques to maintain the personal hygiene needs
  • Demonstrate actions in the event of medical and facility emergencies
  • Demonstrate professional behavior, personal qualities and characteristics of a blood bank technician
  • Demonstrate good communication, communicate accurately and appropriately in the role of blood bank technician